Workplace Strategy

werkplek strategie
Workplace Strategy

//execution of workplace strategy based on facts

Data for an agile workplace strategy

Data for an agile workplace strategy

Workplace strategies have to be agile. For the right execution of an agile workplace strategy, the right data are required. BlueSense uses data in order to enable you with an objective view on the use of your building. This allows you to make fact based decisions in order to improve the performance of you workplaces continuous, maximising contribution to your organisations' goals.


BlueSense offers end-to-end solutions that allow for insights into occupancy of workplaces and meeting rooms. Our solutions are easily adjusted to your requirements. We analyse data from existing applications en can equip your building with BlueSense sensors. Based on our analytics, you can make fact based decisions about the allocation of square meters.

CTA technology

Lower cost

Lower cost per workplace

Research from the Center for People and Buildings shows that the average occupancy of workplaces is between 48 and 56 percent. The average cost per workplace amounts to €10.000 annually. Therefore, matching supply and demand of workplaces is essential to avoid unnecessary costs and achieve a sustainable operation. Our workplace module provides you with insights into usage patterns of workplaces. This allows you to match supply and demand of workplaces on actual and expected use.

Higher service level

Higher service levels

Insights into the availability of space. With BlueSense u and your employees can easily access real-time information about the availability of workplaces and meeting rooms in your building; through use of an app, a screen or directly in your own booking system.

Grip on relocations

More grip on relocations

Due to new ways of working and accompanying flexible workplaces, relocations are becoming more complex. With our analytics, you are able to optimise space allocation. This means easier planning of relocations and less work afterwards.

Why BlueSense?

Why BlueSense?

Our solutions are based on the 3E principle: easy, effective and efficient. For you this means:
1. Cost efficient by utilising what you already have
2. Relevant information accessible in our dashboard or in your own application
3. Easy to implement and use

Our solutions are Cloud based and make use of the latest (big data) developments by Google. We work together with the market leader in IoT in the Netherlands to test the latest developments in sensor technology and IoT. Furthermore, we have partnerships with KPN and HPe/Aruba.

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